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Bringing VOD to Live!

Demo Implementation based on Channel Engine Open Source Library

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Based on a VOD to Live technology that does not require any live transcoding, you can generate hundreds of channels to a fraction of the cost compared to live 24/7 transcoding.

Community Driven

The Channel Engine library is Open Source and benefits from contributions and feedback by the open source community

Cloud Agnostic

This demo is built on a containerized infrastructure to demonstrate that it is designed to run software in private or public clouds and with your preferred container orchestrator.


How does it work?

Build a NodeJS service based on the Channel Engine open source library. This library provides you with the technology to stitch already pre-transcoded VOD assets into a linear video stream. Implement your own asset and schedule manager to instruct the stitcher on what to play next. As no transcoding is required you can create a large number of linear channels to a low CPU footprint.

Open Source Library

The Channel Engine library is open source and free to use. Code contributions or feedback is welcomed and you are welcome to join this project. The project is maintained by Eyevinn Technology and started from a Proof-of-Concept back in 2018.